VYOA Senior Spotlight!

Kairo’s Battaile, bassoon
Burlington High
VT Youth Philharmonia – 1 ½ years












Rachel Conner, violin
Essex High
VT Youth Orchestra – 2 years
VT Youth Strings – 1 year
Presto – 1 session







What do you love about being in an orchestra?

Conner: I love the feeling of being in the middle of a big orchestra, being completely engulfed in the sounds and being able to hear details in the music you might not notice from listening in the audience.

What has been your biggest musical breakthrough?

Battaile: Switching to playing the bassoon a year and a half ago, from having played the clarinet. No offense to clarinetists though! I just love the bassoon.

What role has the VYOA played in your musical career?

Conner: The VYOA has given me the opportunity to play in a full symphony orchestra with musicians who are truly dedicated to the music and their instruments. I’ve been really musically inspired by the atmosphere of VYO and the people involved in it.

What would you like to change in the orchestral world?

Battaile: More jazz bassoons! It’s a formidable instrument with many different applications

What advice would you give to younger music students as they strive to build their skills?

Conner: I would advise younger music students to practice a lot, and spend time watching musicians they admire play. You can learn so much just from watching and listening.

What has been your most inspiring or memorable musical experience?

Battaile: Playing in the jazz band at BHS – it showed me a new approach to playing music in general!

Apart from orchestral music, what other kind of music do you love?

Conner: I’ve recently been really into string quartets and piano quintets. I pretty much love anything impressionist as well.

What other activities do you participate in?

Battaile: Nordic skiing and drama club

What do you plan to study in college?

Conner: I plan to major in business and minor in music.

Battaile: Paleontology at Queens University or University of Alberta.