The 2023-24 Endangered Instruments Program has openings.

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The VYOA’s Endangered Instruments Program (EIP) is a subsidized private lesson program that encourages students to play those instruments that are typically difficult to recruit for orchestras (oboe, bassoon, French horn, trombone, tuba, and string bass).  EIP is open to new students who are not taking private lessons or to VYOA students interested in playing one of these instruments in our orchestras.

Qualifying students receive 28 subsidized lessons annually (September–June) and may participate up to three years. EIP teachers will place students in 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons (only first year students are eligible for 30 minute lessons).

Student lesson fees are the following:

30 minutes = $16.50/lesson

45 minutes = $22.50/lesson

60 minutes = $27.50/lesson

To maintain eligibility, students must regularly attend lessons, participate in their school music program, perform an annual check-in with the VYOA audition panel, and accept their placement in a VYOA orchestra as a result of that yearly check-in.

EIP Teachers

Katie Oprea, oboe
Max Grube, bassoon
Bill Karstens, French horn
Jesse Metzler, trombone
Tim Foley, tuba
Bill Tilley, double (string) bass