VYO Senior Spotlight!

Kate Mori, trombone
Burr & Burton Academy
Joined VYOA in 2015
VYO – 2 years


What do you love about playing your instrument?

I really like that the trombone can play in lots of different styles of music. It has been really fun to play in orchestras, bands, and jazz bands. The trombone is capable of being played in many settings and it has allowed me to explore different types of music.

What has been the most inspiring or memorable piece or experience that you performed/had with VYO?

The most memorable experience I’ve had with VYO was my first day of Reveille two years ago. I had never played in a full orchestra before and the sound was different from any group I’d gotten the chance to play in before. I enjoyed meeting a bunch of new people and experiencing the pieces we were playing come together really quickly.

What was your biggest musical breakthrough?

One of my most memorable musical experiences was my freshman year at All State Jazz Band. I had never been around musicians who were so serious about music and it was a really eye-opening experience for me. I realized that I could grow a lot as a player just by being surrounded by great musicians.

What other sports/groups/activities are you involved in?

All of my activities outside of VYO usually have to do with music. I play in my high school band, jazz combo, and after-school electronic music group. I also give trombone lessons and tutor at middle schools in my town.

If you could perform with any musician living or dead, who would it be and why?

If I could perform with any musician it would be Duke Ellington. He was such a major influence for jazz music. How he tailored the pieces specifically for his players added to the unique sound and style he created through his music.

What are your plans after graduation?

I’m going to college for either music performance or music education.