Twelve More Days…

I’m already nervous.

“Don’t listen to the violins,” asserted Mr. Peters at last Sunday’s VYO rehearsal, “It will slow you down.”

I tried my hardest to drown them out, but it’s pretty impossible to ignore thirty violinists playing only a foot away from you. There are twelve days until I will be standing on the Flynn MainStage (not that I’m counting or anything…), but it feels like I am running out of time to make any improvements on my piece. Everything I play perfectly at the concert should already be perfect, right?

And honestly, I am less worried about something going wrong musically than I  am about tripping over my own feet. I can picture myself toppling over in my pretty silver shoes, flute in hand, and taking out half the second violin section… Missing an accidental is a mistake I can deal with. Taking a spill in front of all those people — my worst nightmare.

-Kelly Herrmann -Photo: Stina Plant

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