Kicking Off a “Magnifique” VYO Season!

During the weeks preceding the fall concert, VYO soloists Kelly Herrmann (flute) and Samantha Angstman (piano) will begin to post their thoughts and comments about the excitement involved in being an orchestral soloist. They are both currently preparing for the VYO opening concert of the season. “Vive la France” will be presented on September 28 at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts in Burlington and on September 26 at Harwood Union High School in Duxbury.

Additional VYO members will post blog entries in May and July, as the students focus their blog around their preparation for each of this season’s concerts. They’ll comment about their rehearsals, the repertoire they are learning, their lives as emerging musicians and general goings on – from a backstage perspective – at the Elley-Long Music Center.

Feel free to check the blog often! For more details on the VYOA or for details on our concerts, please visit our website at

Photo: Jordan Silverman

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