VYOA Senior Spotlight!

Tommy Bergeron, horn

Essex High
VT Youth Orchestra – 5 years
VT Youth Philharmonia – 1 year
VT Youth Sinfonia – 1 year












Grace Bellino, violin

Essex High
VT Youth Orchestra – 3 years
VT Youth Philharmonia – 1 year
VT Youth Sinfonia – 2 years
VT Youth Strings – 1 year
Presto – 2 sessions











What do you love about being in an orchestra and/or chorus?

Bellino: I love that VYO gives me a chance to collaborate with instruments other than strings, which I might not have learned about or worked with had I not been in the VYO. Hearing the power of all the different instruments together is truly inspiring.

What has been your biggest musical breakthrough?

Bergeron: I would say my “Biggest musical breakthrough” was when I first got into music directing theater productions. Until I started participating in this side of musical theatre, I had just been on stage in shows. However, once I started to music direct, I found that it was a really neat way to give back to the community. I get to help others sing onstage and give joy to so many people in the audience. There really is no other feeling.

What role has the VYOA played in your musical career?

Bellino: Going to orchestra every weekend and making music with my friends has been a wonderful constant throughout my musical career. The friendly competition has encouraged me to practice my parts and has subsequently made me a better musician.

What has been your most inspiring or memorable musical experience?

Bergeron: I think the most inspiring and memorable musical experience I’ve had was being part of the National Youth Orchestra 2 this past summer. I got to perform with the best orchestral students across the nation, as well as perform side by side with the Philadelphia Orchestra. But the biggest moment of the whole experience was getting to perform at Carnegie Hall in NYC.

Bellino: My most inspiring musical experience was meeting Itzhak Perlman. He was so humble and eager to share his knowledge and love of music.

What is your favorite VYOA memory?

Bergeron: My favorite VYOA memory has to be performing Beethoven’s full 9th symphony as an 8th grader, or getting to perform as part of the VYO while they toured Iceland

What other activities do you participate in?

Bellino: I am a ballerina with the Vermont Ballet Theater Company. It is always fun to dance to music I have played in VYO.

Bergeron: I do a lot of Musical Theater. I have been on stage in numerous productions, but have also music directed and played the pit for many shows as well. This art form combines my love of acting and music into one.

What do you plan to study in college?

Bellino: Biology

Bergeron: I plan on pursuing a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Musical Theater next fall.