VYChorus Senior Spotlight!

Noah Gilbert-Fuller, voice
South Burlington High School
Joined VYOA in 2016
VYChorus – 1 year



What do you love most about singing? 
I love being able to perform music that allows me to learn more about the cultures and ideas behind different genres. Performing music is enough reward for studying it.

Who or what has been your most important musical influence?
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Frank Ocean are some of my favorite songwriters, but I have a deep appreciation for any live jazz or indie music. Hearing musicians with a genuine passion for their work inspires me.

What has been the most inspiring experience that you have had as a member of the VYChorus?
Being able to work with and communicate with the students and teachers has helped me appreciate choral learning and performance immensely.

Why did you choose to join the VYChorus?
I went on a trip to New York to perform at Carnegie Hall with a group of musicians from VYOC, and Mr. Pillsbury helped teach us. We had a blast, and seeing the commitment and passion of the others convinced me to sign up. 

What other sports/groups/activities are you involved in?
I’ve participated in my schools’ theater program since I was a freshman. I’m a part of my schools’ chamber choir, and I am a member of the Boy Scouts.

If you could perform with any musician, living or dead, who would it be & why?
Probably someone like D’Angelo, or The Roots . I’d love to just vibe with a group of musicians one day.

What are your plans after graduation?
I plan on staying in Vermont, taking a few classes nearby, and pursuing music on my own, or perhaps in education.