Commit to the annual calendar

VYOA orchestras meet from August through early May. Families will receive a full season calendar with their registration.

Agree to adhere to the attendance policy

Orchestra musicians are allowed two excused absences per concert cycle. Musicians who have three or more absences will be asked to play for their conductor.

Vermont Youth Orchestra and Vermont Youth Philharmonia = 3 concert cycles per year

Vermont Youth Strings = 2 concert cycles per year (Fall semester and Spring semester)

School Music Program Participation

The VYOA recognizes the importance of school music programs in our communities and their role in developing young people as musicians. Elementary and middle school musicians are required to participate in their school music program if there is one available. High school students are expected to participate in their school music programs. When scheduling conflicts arise between VYOA and school music events (especially performances), participation in those school music events is given precedence, resulting in an excused absence.

Annual Tuition Fee

Listed below are the 2021-22 tuition rates. 2022-23 rates are subject to change. The VYOA offers a robust financial aid program where households with an adjusted gross income up to $120,000 are eligible to apply.

Vermont Youth Orchestra = $1,875                     Presto = $100 per session

Vermont Youth Philharmonia = $1,550              Da Capo = $150 per session

Vermont Youth Strings = $850                             Prelude! = $400 per session