Bonjour Mesdames & Monsieurs

The air in Elley-Long Music Center is electrifying as we orchestra members become more and more excited about our trip. I’m sure that the rest of the orchestra also feels this. Yesterday at the lunch break during rehearsal, my

friends and I discussed how much we were looking forward to eating baguettes and pâté. And during the plane ride between Québec and Paris, my plan is to play cards with Noah (bass) and look ahead to sampling more French food and a LOT of culture.

I must insert here that for me and some of my friends, the death of Michael Jackson has been extremely sad. It is strange that this event should happen at the same time as our much anticipated trip. As the trip nears, and our thoughts focus on rehearsing, packing and French pastries (I can’t help myself), the loss of such a talented artist is still in the back my mind.

Happily, we leave in a matter of days. Three days, to be exact…Québec and France, here we come!

Oliver Ames, violin   (Photos: Lisamarie Charlesworth)

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