2024 VYOA placement auditions at the Elley-Long Music Center will include: 

  1. Scale & arpeggio: Prepare one major OR one minor scale of your choice with corresponding arpeggio. The scale and arpeggio should be played at a minimum tempo of quarter note = 80. Prepare the number of octaves that best represents your range of ability. The scale and arpeggio do not need to be memorized.  PERCUSSIONISTS: In addition to one scale and arpeggio (xylophone/orchestra bells), you will be asked to demonstrate basic rudiments such as a long roll (snare) and tuning changes (timpani).
  2. Solo of your choice (without accompaniment): Prepare a brief solo that best demonstrates your technical and expressive capabilities.  2 minutes of your solo will be heard, so select a starting point that will showcase  your best playing. Your piece does not need to be memorized. PERCUSSIONISTS: Choose a solo on ONE instrument- snare drum, timpani, or xylophone/orchestra bells.
  3.  Sight Reading: A short passage selected by the adjudicators will be provided in the audition.
  4. Orchestral excerpt: Choose ONE of the excerpts listed for your instrument below and prepare it to the best of your ability. PERCUSSIONISTS: You must play ONE excerpt on snare drum, ONE excerpt on timpani, and ONE excerpt on xylophone (3 excerpts total).

Follow the links below to access the list of instrument-specific audition requirements, and to download the required orchestral excerpt.