Video submissions should be no longer than 5 minutes total, and should be recorded in one take in the following order: 

  1. Solo of your choice (without accompaniment): Prepare a brief solo that best demonstrates your technical and expressive capabilities. The piece should be between 2 and 3 minutes total. Your piece does not need to be memorized. PERCUSSIONISTS: Please prepare a snare drum solo only.
  2. Scales & arpeggios: Prepare one major OR one minor scale of your choice with corresponding arpeggio. The scale and arpeggio should be played at a minimum tempo of quarter note = 80. Prepare the number of octaves that best represents your range of ability. The scale and arpeggio do not need to be memorized. PERCUSSIONISTS: Please record a long roll starting starting pianissimo, crescendoing to fortissimo, followed by a diminuendo to pianissimo.
  3. Orchestral excerpt: Choose one of the provided excerpts listed for your instrument. PERCUSSIONISTS: The VYOA understands that percussion students do not have access to all percussion instruments at this time. Please prepare the snare excerpt of your choice. This year a mallet and timpani excerpt will not be required.

All videos should be uploaded as an unlisted YouTube Video (further instructions will be in registration emails). Please refer to VYOA photos below demonstrating proper camera placement for strings; brass players should avoid pointing the bell of their instrument at the camera/recording device.

Follow the links below to access the list of instrument-specific audition requirements, and to download the required orchestral excerpt.