Art DeQuasie Celebrates 20 Years at the VYOA!



This July, Art will be celebrating 20 years at the VYOA. Who knew that stepping on the Seven Days classified ad for a part-time VYP manager position would lead to an amazing career serving thousands of young musicians throughout the years?!

Art wears many hats as the Director of Operations. In addition to his regular duties as the manager of multiple orchestras he has also stepped in to accompany various ensembles on celeste, piano, and double bass. It wouldn’t be Halloween here without a special VYO jack-o-lantern carved by yours truly. Art is also responsible for a lot of the nitty gritty details to make International and domestic tours possible. He’s worked on VYO tours to China, France/Quebec, Germany/Prague, Iceland, and this year will go to Spain/Portugal. Locally, he’s facilitated VYP exchange programs with Empire State Youth Orchestra as well as in Sherbrooke, Quebec and Springfield, MA. He also makes it possible for VYOA students to participate in the New England Music Festival by going as a chaperone for those sponsored by the VYOA. He’s the mastermind behind audition and sectional scheduling.

In his time here, Art has worked with four Music Directors and two interim VYO conductors as well as a number of other amazing artistic staff. I think all would tell you that he is a joy to work with – a monument to his professionalism and amiable personality. While he always gets the job done, Art is no stranger to some good old-fashioned fun. There’s never a doubt that he can be found driving go-karts, playing laser tag and kickball, and getting wrapped in toilet paper as part of season kick-off activities for our musicians. 

Art is definitely the calm collected person you can turn to if you need your car jump started in the winter or have an instrument emergency on concert day. No matter what the circumstance, he always manages to stay calm and find a solution. Before moving into Elley-Long, Art could be seen bouncing back & forth between different ensembles’ rehearsals and Burlington and South Burlington High Schools – something anyone else would have been completely frantic doing.

We could go on and on about Art’s amazing accomplishments here at the VYOA because there are so many. We are so fortunate to have someone that is so committed, knowledgeable, and personable. We are compiling a scrapbook for this big milestone in Art’s career and are accepting submissions of photos, memories, and well wishes until June 1, 2019. Please email to contribute. 

Thanks, Art! Here’s to another 20 years!