September’s From the Podium: A message from our Music Director

This past Sunday fifteen 2nd-through-5th graders gathered at Elley-Long Music Center and became orchestral musicians as the first members of the VYOA’s new year-long beginner string ensemble program: Prelude! Having had no previous string-playing experience, they were introduced to their conductor, given instruments, and even played their first orchestral piece together. Meanwhile, the Vermont Youth Orchestra was down the hall rehearsing Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony in preparation for their first subscription concert of the season. This concurrent display of the range of music learning opportunities available to young Vermonters through our weekly programming was mirrored chorally when, later in the week, members of the Vermont Youth Chorus and Chorale invited friends to attend Bring a Friend Night. Our middle and high school guests explored great repertoire alongside peers with shared musical interests and under the expert guidance of the VYOA’s passionate vocal educators. Thank you for supporting the VYOA, and for helping us spread the word as we work together to inspire every child to fill our world with music.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Vermont Youth Philharmonia Fall Concert on September 23 at Elley-Long, and the Vermont Youth Orchestra’s first installment of “Tchaikovsky in Vermont” at the Flynn on September 24.

Benjamin Klemme
Music Director