De Champlain’s Excellent Adventure

During last weekend’s VYO concert, we performed an amazing program! It consisted of Mr. Peters’ world premiere piece, Champlain’s Voyage, the Fauré Pavane, the Brahms Schicksalsied, Bizet’s Carmen Suite No. 2, and An American in Paris by George Gershwin. Often a program will include a “rest” piece, such as a concerto, that is not musically or technically difficult. Not this time! Suzanne Calhoun - Flynn Center May 09

Each piece possessed individual challenges. The Gershwin was the hardest, definitely, but we worked at it so that it sounded tight and dance-like. The Chorus added 60 more musicians to the mix when we performed the Brahms and the Fauré, so adjusting to this large, additional presence was a part of the challenge.

Our conductor wrote Champlain’s Voyage in honor of the Lake Champlain Quadricentennial celebration, celebrating Samuel de Champlain’s voyage from France to Québec and Vermont. It is a cool piece, with extraordinary textures and well-done orchestration. We were fortunate to work with the composer every week. Mr. Peters told us exactly what he wanted for sound in each spot and he answered our questions about style and tone. A sentimental note: he wrote the piece with this orchestra and all its players in mind, including a big cantabile solo for our amazing tuba player.

As for the other works: The Fauré is very pretty; the Brahms is a phenomenal combination of gorgeous and tormented music. The Carmen Suite is fun because the melodies are recognizable; the Gershwin is a journey through several different themes and styles, as the “American” strolls thorough a musical Paris. I don’t think I had a favorite piece…

The VYO will tour Québec and France this summer. Actually, we are following Samuel de Champlain’s route in reverse, starting with our kickoff concert in Burlington at the Flynn Center on July 3. From there, we drive to Québec to perform at the Palais Montcalm in Québec City. Then, we board a plane and fly to Paris to perform, and of course, to do some sightseeing! We will visit La Rochelle, the port where de Champlain initially set off for North America. We will also visit Poitiers, where we hope to meet Drake Mabry, a former VYO member who composed a piece for our tour, entitled Diary of Perspectives.
For me, the atmosphere at our spring concerts was not one of finality…most of us will get to play together again and spend time together on our tour.

I can’t wait!

—Suzanne Calhoun     (Photo: David Yandell)

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