Welcome to the VYOA Virtual Concert Hall!

Here you’ll find our 2020-21 season schedule of livestream performances. To watch a performance, click on the “register here” link in the calendar listing, which will appear a few weeks prior to the performance. After registering, you’ll receive the livestream link via email. Grab some family and friends, sit back, and enjoy the hard work of our wonderfully talented students!


NOTE: All concerts subject to change due to ongoing COVID-19 updates


January 17 | VT Youth Philharmonia

5:15-5:30PM – Indiana Jones “Kingdom” Team – VIEW RECORDING HERE

6:45-7:00PM – Indiana Jones “Crystal Skull” Team – VIEW RECORDING HERE

Concert Program

January 24 | VT Youth Strings

3:45-4:00PM – Winter Concert – VIEW RECORDING HERE

Concert Program

January 31 | VT Youth Philharmonia

3:45-4:00PM – James Bond Concert – VIEW RECORDING HERE

5:45-6:00PM – Deep Purple Concert  – VIEW RECORDING HERE

Concert Program


February 28 | VT Youth Orchestra Winter Concert


Concert Program

12:30PM – Chamber Winds Concert

3:00PM – Classical Orchestra Concert, featuring Senior Soloist Nora Cannizzaro

5:30PM – Brass & Percussion Ensemble Concert

8:00PM – Romantic Orchestra Concert, featuring Senior Soloist Esther Koo


April 10 | Presto Concert

2:45PM – Spring Concert – VIEW HERE

April 17 | VYS & VYP Concerts

Concert Program

12:30PM – VT Youth Strings

2:30PM – VT Youth Philharmonia Newbold Orchestra

4:30PM – VT Youth Philharmonia Bernofsky Orchestra

6:30PM – VT Youth Philharmonia Gruselle Orchestra


May 2 | VT Youth Orchestra Spring Concert

12:30PM – Chamber Winds

3:00PM – Romantic Orchestra

5:30PM – Brass and Percussion Ensemble

8:00PM – Classical Orchestra