A Prepared Scale and Arpeggio (major or minor, any number of octaves, both ascending and descending) that represents your current level of playing. Please consult this document for the scale and arpeggio keys and ranges recommended for students based on their current technical level or ensemble assignment.

Prepared Solo Selection(s) (without accompaniment) that represent(s) your current level of playing. Ideally, your solo would include contrasting lyrical and technical sections. Solos that are primarily technical are generally sufficient; however, we recommend that lyrical solos with little or no technical passagework be avoided. It is permissible to present two separate, contrasting solos. You will have the opportunity to play ~5 minutes of your solo; if your solo is significantly longer, you may be asked to skip a portion of it. Please bring two additional copies  of your solo music for the Audition Committee (these can be photocopies).

Sight Reading:  You will play short melodic and rhythmic sight reading exercises suitable to the level of development you display in your prepared materials. Previous years’ sight reading exercises are available for download here.

Transposition: Horn and Trumpet players currently in the Vermont Youth Orchestra or Vermont Youth Philharmonia or seeking placement in those ensembles should be prepared for simple sight reading using D and E-flat transpositions (Horn) and C and F transpositions (Trumpet). Sample transposition excerpt can be downloaded here.

Percussion auditions requirements are described here.

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