• All horn and trumpet players seeking membership in the Vermont Youth Philharmonia or Vermont Youth Orchestra should prepare to play a simple sight reading excerpt in transposition. Players aiming to join or remain in Vermont Youth Sinfonia are not required to play this exercise (but may do so if they wish)
  • Transposition is an essential skill for orchestral horn and trumpet players since much of the pre-20th century orchestral repertoire is scored for horns and trumpets in varying keys
  • Excerpts to be sight read will be similar in character to classical-era horn and trumpet parts (e.g. Haydn, Mozart & Beethoven) – primarily triadic and stepwise patterns. Click to download example.
  • Horn players should be prepared to transpose to E-flat (down a whole step from F horn) and D (down a minor 3rd)
  • Trumpet players should be prepared to transpose to F (up a fifth from B-flat trumpet) and C (up a whole step)
  • While weakness in transposition skills won’t preclude a placement in VYO/VYP, students will be expected to improve those skills significantly to maintain participation in those ensembles

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