Where will I wait before my audition?

  • You will wait in a communal warm-up space (usually the orchestra rehearsal room). A VYOA staff member or volunteer will escort you to the audition room when the panel is ready to hear you

How will I be evaluated in my audition?

  • Your playing will be evaluated based on the objective accuracy of pitches, intonation, and rhythm as well as the more subjective qualities of tone and musicality/expression
  • Your current technical skills and musicianship will determine the ensemble you are eligible to join

Who will hear my audition?

  • Members of the VYOA artistic staff, including Music Director Jeff Domoto and the conductors of our ensemble programs will hear all auditions
  • Every effort is made to have the same audition panel hear each student for a particular instrument

When should I plan on arriving for my audition?

  • Please arrive at Elley-Long Music Center at least 15 minutes prior to your audition time. This will give you time to check in, turn in your paperwork, have your photo taken, and warm up
  • If you are late for your audition we will attempt to fit you in, but this is not guaranteed. You may be required to reschedule to be heard a different day

Anything I should remember to do before my audition?

  • Please be sure to register online once you have your audition time
  • Make two copy of your prepared solo sheet music (photocopies permitted). Only the copies of your solo part is requested – no need to copy the piano accompaniment
  • If possible, set up your schedule for audition day so that you have time to prepare physically and mentally prior to your audition