VYOA Woodwinds/Brass Audition Requirements



Students will perform a solo, one major and one minor scale with their corresponding arpeggios, and sight reading. Please note that the student’s solo performance will be given the greatest consideration when considering ensemble placement.

Solo Piece: Perform a solo which is polished and demonstrates your technical and musical capabilities. The audition panel may not listen to your entire piece due to time constraints.  You should be prepared to perform any short segment(s) from a solo if it is longer than 5 minutes.

Sight Reading: Up to 2 melodic excerpts

Scales/Arpeggios: All scales and arpeggios should be played in quarter notes or shorter note values at a minimum tempo of quarter note=80. Of the scales prepared, the panel will ask to hear one major and one minor. The scales and arpeggios should demonstrate your range and technical ability.

  • Prepare 2 Major scales/arpeggios of your choice (2 octaves), one of which the panel will choose to hear
  • Prepare 2 minor scales/arpeggios or your choice, melodic or harmonic (2 octaves), one of which the panel will choose to hear