Welcome! On this page, you will find information regarding the VYOA’s instrumental audition requirements. Please contact us at auditions@vyo.org if you would like additional information or clarification of the topics below.

Information current as of February 2018.

Audition Eligibility

Instrumental placement auditions are open to students who will be between grades 3 and 12 during the 2018-2019 academic year. We find that most students need one to three years of experience on their instrument to develop the proficiency required to successfully place into one of our year-round orchestras. Vocal auditions for placement in Vermont Youth Chorus are open to students who will be between grades 9 and 12 during the 2018-2019 academic year.

We believe that combining VYOA membership with school music participation and private lessons offers students a comprehensive and well-rounded music education. Students in elementary and middle school are required to actively participate in their school music program (where offered) in order to maintain eligibility for VYOA membership. We strongly encourage our high school members to participate in their school music program, and all VYOA members to take private lessons, in order to receive the instruction needed to meet the high musical standards and demands set by the VYOA curriculum.

New students can register online and will be contacted with an audition appointment time. All auditioning students, including current members of VYOA ensembles, must submit a completed registration prior to auditioning.

Audition Requirements

Instrumental auditions last approximately 10 minutes and consist of the following components; percussion auditions last approximately 20 minutes:

  1. Solo of your choice (without accompaniment)
  2. Scales & arpeggios
  3. Sight reading
  4. Students who wish to be considered for placement in our most advanced orchestra—Vermont Youth Orchestra—must also perform the required orchestral excerpt for their instrument. Preparation of the required orchestral excerpt does not guarantee placement in VYO.

Follow the links below to access a detailed list of instrument-specific audition requirements, and to download the required orchestral excerpt for VYO placement consideration.

String Audition Requirements

Woodwind & Brass Audition Requirements

Percussion Audition Requirements

Students are encouraged to consider their audition a significant and formal event, and should arrive to the audition with all necessary paperwork prepared, ready to perform.  Members of the VYOA artistic staff hear all instrumental auditions. Qualified students are offered placement in the appropriate VYOA ensemble based on the skills and experience level demonstrated in the audition. All students are notified of their audition results via email.